Facial Peels

Facial chemical peels are most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons and have become a popular non-surgical treatment to help correct a variety of problems such as uneven skin colouration, fine lines, dryness, sun damage and oily skin. They can be used on the face, chest or backs of the hands.

Chemical peels are solutions applied by a qualified practitioner to the surface of the skin to remove or peel away dead skin cells and reveal new cells. Once the outer layers of skin are removed, new layers begin to form in their place resulting in an improved “fresher” appearance and smooth new skin.

Chemical peels improve and smooth the texture of the skin, improve acne scars, skin tone, diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

In our clinic we use products made by Dermaceutic Laboratoire which is one of the first cosmeceutical companies to develop peels using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid. Dermaceutic peels can only be carried out by trained doctors and nurses. They are not available on the high street and should not be confused with very mild and gentle peels available from beauty therapists.

Everyone can benefit from Dermaceutic peels. These mild, gentle peels produce amazing results from which recovery is quick with no time is lost from work or family. The depth of peel varies and can be adapted to the patient’s individual needs.

In Westport Dental Centre we use four new medical-strength peels which meet the specific needs of each patient. These peels are the MASK peel, the MILK peel, the COSMO peel and the MELA peel. All of them are high-quality medical-grade peels made by Dermaceutic Laboratoire and can be combined with Dermaceutic home care products to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.


The MASK Peel is highly recommended for acne-prone or oily skin, for early signs of skin damage, fine lines, dryness and poor irregular texture. It is a simple procedure which will improve the texture and luminescence of your skin, reduce fine lines, increase hydration and decrease open pores.

Series of 4 is recommended, two weeks apart.


The MILK Peel is used to lighten dull complexions and reduce surface pigmentation and blemishes so a clearer and more radiant complexion is achieved. The MILK Peel regulates oily skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles and boosts the action of daily cosmetics.

Series of 4 is recommended, two weeks apart.


The COSMO Peel is recommended for advanced signs of sun damage and ageing of the skin such as loss of elasticity, scars, wrinkles and a smoker’s complexion.

This peel greatly improves skin appearance and stimulates natural skin cell production. Your skin will regain a rejuvenated appearance.

It is a highly effective medium-depth peel. There is some downtime, which consist of redness and skin tightness for one or two days after the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel, then 3-4 days of peeling and flaking. TCA peel patients are advised to avoid strong sun exposure and to use sun protection cream for several weeks following treatment. Skin preparation may be required on those patients with darker skin and hyper-pigmented areas.

Series of 2-3 treatments recommended, 2-6 weeks apart.

It is strongly recommended to use the home care products prescribed for you by your doctor to prepare your skin prior to peeling.


The MELA Peel is extremely effective in reducing pigmentation as it works on all mechanisms of pigmentation. It has no downtime and minimal risks of side effects. It is a medium-strength professional peel with a highly concentrated formula and a combination of active ingredients to achieve optimal results which are long lasting with on-going patient care.

The MELA peel promotes an even complexion, improving skin radiance and brightness. For this reason it is suitable for all skin and photo types but is recommended for skins with pigmentation disorders.

Series of 2-3 treatments recommended, 30 days apart.

Price Guide

Mask Peel – 80 Euro per treatment
Milk Peel – 90 Euro per treatment
Cosmo Peel – 195 Euro per treatment
Mela Peel – 195 Euro per treatment